Winline 8oz 100% Cotton Batting No Scrim Twin 72" x 96" (6' x 8')

$ 42.00

For just a moment, Winline was going to carry 8 oz 100% cotton batting no scrim.

I was LUCKY enough to get a roll of this before they decided not to offer it anymore.       (I'm thinking too expensive to carry so many different types. You might notice that they don't even offer it on their web site as a specialty item~)

I like a really sturdy Microwave Bowl Cozy. Winline is my favorite brand of batting and two layers of this 8 oz is just the ticket for a good, sturdy bowl, plate cozy, trivet or carrier. 

(If you're not familiar with this brand, see my video of LuAnn sharing why it's so good~)

I'm thinking one layer of 8 oz will equal two layers of some of the lesser brands of batting. I haven't been home long enough to try it out but I'm hoping one layer might even do the trick for some of my projects. I'll let you know in my next video.

This is truly 100% cotton batting with no scrim.  It's the only 'clean' batting that I know of.  Two pieces of the 6 oz weight is perfect for bowl cozies, plate cozies, trivets and more. Made with long staple cotton, there's no chemicals or bleaching. 

Remember: this is NOT fire-proof or fire retardant.  It is meant to go in the microwave for no more than 2-3 minute intervals and no longer than 8 minutes. The bowl cozy should never be placed in the microwave alone; there should always be food in the bowl. Never leave running microwave unattended.  Not for use in a standard oven or convection oven.