Winline 6oz 100% Cotton Batting No Scrim Twin 72" x 96" (6' x 8')

$ 33.00

This is my favorite type of batting! 

(See my video on why this brand is so good~)

It's truly 100% cotton batting with no scrim.  It's the only 'clean' batting that I know of.  Two pieces of the 6 oz weight is perfect for bowl cozies, plate cozies, trivets and more. Made with long staple cotton, there's no chemicals or bleaching. 

Remember: this is NOT fire-proof or fire retardant.  It is meant to go in the microwave for no more than 2-3 minute intervals and no longer than 8 minutes. The bowl cozy should never be placed in the microwave alone; there should always be food in the bowl. Never leave running microwave unattended.  Not for use in a standard oven or convection oven.