Pillowcase Dress Armholes

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Are you familiar with the Little Dresses for Africa? (www. littledressesforafrica.org)  They are where I got the idea for this template set.  These simple Pillowcase Dresses have been made for years and donated to needy girls all over the world.  Whether you want to sew for a charity or for your sweet little ones, this is a great project.  It's simple, fast and easy to embellish!

If you haven’t made a Pillowcase Dress, then these templates will take out all of the guesswork! The Get a Grip Armhole Template lets you make sure that the right and left armholes and front and back are all the same.

Fast, easy and accurate – what a deal!

There are 4 sizes: small, medium, large or XLarge that would fit starting at 6 months. Use the X-Lg to make dresses, tops, or nightgowns for older girls and women.

Holiday fabrics make this a great gift or stitch up a bunch for your favorite charity like the Little Dresses for Africa project. www.littledressesforafrica.org

If you enjoy sewing holiday outfits for babies and little girls, this basic design makes a quick, cute outfit.  Choose some sweet floral or heart fabric for a wonderful Valentine Dress that any little girl would love to wear.  Make a cute little Pumpkin dress but instead of a hem, add a casing & insert a wide elastic to turn it into a little pumpkin.  Then add a bit of stuffing for that round pumpkin look!  Top it off with a cute little pumpkin hat as shown in the pic. Deer antlers, kitty cat ears, elf ears - all kinds of cute additions can be found during the season at your local big-box stores and dollar stores.

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