NEW 15" Microwave Bowl Cozy Template, Plate, Trivet, Carrier & More

$ 44.99

Microwave Bowl Cozy Template - 15" New Size & additional Styles!

NOTE:  Pic shows 14.5" but template will be 15". 

First, I've had a lot of requests for this size and it's finally being made....

Like the other 3 sizes - 10" Layer Cake, 10.5", 12.5" - this template has 29 laser cut holes & the amazing Get a Grip Material. These make cutting & sewing perfect, consistent, easy & quick! Plus, the holes make for perfect darts so no mare spinning then spilling in the microwave~!

Second, thanks to my new friend Nancy Wilson, there are 2 new styles (1. Handles!, 2. Bias Taped Edges!) that you can put on this and the other 3 sizes.  More on that later.

I will be filming a new video before the holidays featuring this size and how to adapt it to various shapes and sizes of plates, bowls, dishes, containers, etc. Plus, I will show adding handles to make them easy to carry. I'll also show adding bias tape to the edges so no need for turning right sides out.

For now, you can watch my Microwave Bowls Part 1 & Part 2 videos found at in the Winner Designs Playlist.

If you can't wait for the new video, here are Nancy's notes to get you started.

For the handles: 

Cut 4 strips of 11" x 1 1/2" fabric along with 2 of same size 100% cotton batting

With 1/4" seams, sew strips RST on both long sides and short end. Use pencil eraser on one side and pull through. This is very tough!

Take finished strips & center them on lines you sewed across the inside (the "X" lines). Sew them & secure them.

For the Bias Tape:

Nancy says with her arthritis, it hurts like the dickens to turn all that fabric right sides out.

So instead:

Sew the 2 sides with batting. Turn right sides out. Serge the tops together. Then take seam binding and pin the upper edges together. Stitch  all layers together and done! 

She says this method would be better for the smaller ones; the handles would be better for the larger ones.

Thank you, Nancy and all of you for requesting more!