Microwave Bowl Cozy Template - 10" Layer Cake

$ 31.99

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Smaller than my original Microwave Bowl Cozy Template by just 1/2" - this 10" Template was made to work with all of your Layer Cake fabric bundles.  This makes great smaller bowl/plate cozies and using pre-cut Layer Cakes will make cutting a snap!

(If you don't own any Layer Cake fabric bundles but want to make your own, purchase the Layer Cake Combo Bundle that includes Martelli's 10" Layer Cake Template & Fussy Cut Frame.)

If you're unsure as to whether to buy the 10 1/2" or the Layer Cake size - go for the 10 1/2".  It gives you more options!

Just like the 10 1/2", this template comes with 20 laser cut holes to make perfect/easy darts and 9 holes to make stitching the "X" Lines consistent/quick!

If you're new here, go watch my latest videos - Microwave Bowl Cozy Pt 1 & Pt 2 - to see why you'll be glad you found this template and to learn about the other sizes.

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