Microwave Bowl Cozy Individual Square or Round

$ 26.99

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Thank you to all of you that made my Microwave Bowl Cozy Templates my most popular template!

Want just one or 2 cozies?  This is the spot!

Want more than one? Check out my Microwave Bowl Cozy Bundles Page where the more you buy, the better the DEAL!

On this page, choose the size and Rounded or Squared edges.

How to choose between Rounded or Square?

Want them super-fast & easy?  Choose the Square.

Still fast & easy, the Rounded stand out from others you've seen.

How do you know which size?

The 10.5 fits standard soup/cereal bowls so that's a good one to start with. 

Then check out my video where I show measuring your bowl or plate to see which fits best.


Why Winner Designs Microwave Bowl Cozies?

1. The No Slip Backing means "No Slipping; No Kidding" so cutting is easy, and more important, accurate.

2. The drilled holes create consistent darts for making your bowls.

3.  The holes make it easy to modify for making plate cozies or deeper bowl cozies.

4. The No Slip Backing & drilled holes mean you get better results.

5.  Customers tell me how much they love them~!


Check out my videos to see why~

(3) Best, Easiest Microwave Bowl Cozies - YouTube

BTW - I originally planned to offer just 4 sizes but customers that make & sell cozies requested all of the other sizes!