Martelli Zip Bind System & Stitch in Ditch Binding/Seam Guide Foot Bundle - ON SALE!

$ 89.99 $ 104.98

One of Martelli's Top Sellers - this system allows you to both hand bind and stitch in the ditch bind your projects.  Voted the #1 product of the year!

This includes the Seam Guide/SND Foot which has:

  • 4 fences (no loft, low loft, medium loft, high loft)
  • 6 adapters for older style machines. (You will need a Bernina adapter)

This includes the Zip Bind System which has:

  • Zip Bind Tool
  • 3 Zip Guns - small, medium, large with 8 clips each & 20 extra clips for each
  • 3 Minute Miters - large, medium, small
  • Sew Mate - stiletto
  • Bag - style may vary
  • NEW written directions available at

There is a learning curve but it is so worth it!!!

Together, you get beautiful yet quick bindings.  The foot is also a great seam guide foot!

Sold separately from Martelli for $74.99 + $29.99; I only recommend the bundle.

Get my latest written directions at Click on Extras then Directions.

Check out my videos at Click on Playlists then Zip Bind/Stitch in Ditch.

The foot fits most every machine but I have videos specifically for Babylock (Brother), Bernina, Janome, Viking & Pfaff.  If you own one of these, watch the individual video as well.

Bernina machines require a Bernina adapter. Watch my video for details.