Martelli Stocking Template Set - Paw Print ONLY - 5 piece - Large

$ 33.99

Martelli Paw Print Template Set - 5 piece - Large

Like the idea of the Animal Paw Print but don't need the stocking?  Then this 5 piece Paw Print Template Set is for you!  This set includes only the Paw Print Pieces - no Paw Stocking.

This set features Martelli's exclusive No Slip Backing which means you get exactly what you want to get when you cut. 

This Paw Template is:

  • Perfect for doggy or kitty beds or food/water mats.
  • Perfect for any kind of animal - not just dogs & cats!  Fabrics make all the difference!
  • Animal prints, flannel, plaids, camo material, burlap, fun furs, polar fleece, velvet, Minky or Cuddle Fabrics all work well with this theme.
  • Embellish away - so many great options! Use the Large or the smaller Martelli Paw Print to embellish any stocking, bag, clothing, dog or kitty bed, etc.


Linda's Secrets to Success?! 

  • Plan first. Cuff or no cuff? Lining or no lining?  Neither are hard to do if you plan for them!  
  • Cutting the Paw Print – Iron on a fusible if fabric can handle it. Place the template on wrong side of your fabric or fusible & use a marking pencil to trace around each template. Look at picture for spacing or layout help. Grab Snippets or Embroidery Scissors & cut out the 5 pieces. 
  • Cutting the Stocking – both Martelli’s 45mm & 28mm cutters work great for the stocking.
  • If using Minky or Cuddle fabric or any with a slippery back, put right sides together when cutting.  Otherwise the slippery material will slip when touching each other.  Then place template on top of the slippery side.

Watch my video where I show a bit more about the template.