Burp Pad, Owl, Walker/Stroller Bag, Arm Chair Caddy, Sewing Caddy, Casserole Mitt, Cross Body Bag

$ 28.99

This template makes great burp pads, of course... They're so fast & easy you could give that new mother 5 or 10 instead of just 1!

No babies? The Burp Pad Template can become a Walker or Stroller Bag, an Armchair Caddy, a Casserole Mitt or even a Cross Body Bag - and a Owl Taggie Toy or stuffed animal!.

  • For the Walker or Stroller Bag, it’s as simple as adding two strips of Velcro and pockets.
  • Or skip the Velcro and it turns into an Armchair Caddy.
  • Add a pin cushion and stitch in a few more pockets for a sewing caddy.
  • Add Insul-Brite and turn it into a Casserole Mitt.
  • Change it up a bit with a bunch of pockets and a strap to create a Cross Body Bag!

Video & Directions show you how...